Our Story

We've always gravitated to people in leadership positions who treat people the right way and then align that with the best interests of the business or the company.  When presented with the opportunity to help develop existing and emerging leaders - to help them become true leaders of influence - the vision of what became possible was too powerful to ignore.  We also believe strongly in effective communication - a skill that is often under-appreciated and under-developed. We want to give people the skills and confidence to be able to get their messages across so they can not only be fully understood, but also to not be misunderstood! So, CAP Leadership Solutions was born!

Our Approach

We get excited about powerful and effective communication, positive leadership, visionary entrepreneurship.  We believe by helping current and future leaders and entrepreneurs grow their knowledge, confidence, and skills, we can, over time, make the world a more positive and enriching place. Make use of our expertise so you can become the best leader or entrepreneur you can be!

How We Do It

The Institute is powered in-part by scientific research into the drivers of performance - not only in the workplace but also in people's personal lives. This research comes from the work of thought leaders and subject-matter experts from around the world and we are honoured to be in a position to share their wisdom and insights with you.  Our team has a combined 50 years experience in business and communication, and we use that background to create meaningful solutions and opportunities for each individual.

Next Steps...

Take charge of your career.  Give yourself the added skills and confidence you need to create positive, meaningful results. Take the first step by contacting us!