Leadership Training

Already a leader? Looking to become a manager/supervisor? These courses and modules will help you become a more effective and positive leader in today's evolving workforce.

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Sales Training

There's more to sales than just "sales".  Learn new habits to develop your ability to connect with potential clients and customers - adding to your company's, and your, bottom line.

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"Invisible Executive"

This unique offering is for businesses that would benefit from regular, ongoing consultation.  We assist with operations, planning and strategy, human resources, and corporate training - all done behind the scenes.

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Career Development

Designed for early- to mid-career professionals, our development courses cover a wide range of subject matter to help you hone your skills and open up new opportunities.

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Public Speaking Training

Imagine yourself speaking clearly and confidently in front of a crowd.  We demystify the public speaking process and help you find your voice to be the most powerful presenter you can be.

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Communications Consulting

There are so many ways to get your message out to those who need to see it, hear it, or read it.  We'll ensure you say what you want to say and help you say it the right way for the right people.

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Since 1993

Become the leader/entrepreneur you know you can be

We provide a full range of career development, business consultation, and leadership training opportunities.  From business and marketing, to "Higher-Order Performance (HOP®)" and communication, from project management to pricing strategies, you can choose the right mix of courses that will help you grow and succeed.

Achieve improved and measurable results for your business by making use of our proprietary leadership and personal-development techniques.  Leverage our worldwide network of subject matter experts to gain deep and actionable knowledge of your businesses - and yourself.

By delivering course material in smaller cohorts, we facilitate powerful, dynamic learning environments which can be supported by ongoing coaching and mentorship through the Institute.


What's next?

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